What Do You Mean by Strict Verbatim?

What Do You Mean by Strict Verbatim?

Following is an example of a transcription of a recording of a conversation with a potential client.  Note the inclusion of the external sounds such as [laughs], [pauses] and [sighs], stuttered words and other aspects which haven’t been ‘cleaned’ up.  All names have been changed for confidentiality and privacy reasons (except mine).


Jo: Hello, this is Jo.

Nancy: Hi Jo.  My name’s Nancy and I was … you were referred to me by um, oh, the admin girl at the uni …

Jo: Rebecca?

Nancy: Rebecca, that’s it.  Thank you.  It’s been a bit like that today [laughs]. 

Jo: Yeah, Rebecca said you might give me a call.  What are you needing, Nancy?

Nancy: Well, um, we’re about to conduct some investigations and we’re gonna record them and ah, transc-, type them up.  As much as I can type, it’s not something I have the time to do.  Rebecca said that’s what you do.

Jo: I sure am.  Do you know …

Nancy: The only issue is [phone rings] … oh, sorry.  Hang on [pauses] [sighs].  Sorry, Jo.  Busy day.  We actually need everything on the recording typed up, so everything that is said, but also all the other noises in the room. 

Jo: Yes.  I can help with that.

Nancy: Oh, good.  How much does it cost?

Jo: That depends on a few factors.  I can email you a rate list, if you like.

Nancy: Yes please. 

Jo: What’s the best email address for you, Nancy?  I’ll send …

Nancy: [Phone rings] Oh, sorry, Jo.  [Pauses] Can I ring you back ’cause the … I’ve just gotta get this.

Jo: Of course.

Nancy.  Okay.  I’ll ring you back in a sec.

[End of Recording]