What is a Verbatim Transcript?

What is a Verbatim Transcript?

Following is an example of a transcription of a recording of a conversation with a client.  Note that there are no ums or ahs or external sounds such as [laughs], but all words except interviewer listening responses are recorded, including partial words.

All names have been changed for confidentiality and privacy reasons (except mine).


John: Good afternoon, Jo.  Thanks for calling me back.

Jo: Pleasure, John   What can I do for you?

John: I’ve sent you through … oh, actually, did I?  Just having a look.  Yes, I have.  I’ve sent you through some files.  All interv-, … all our interviews are finished now except one more this arvo.  I thought you could get a head start on them.  When can you have them back to me?

Jo: I made room for them this afternoon, so I am about to get cracking on them and I’ll …

John: Awesome, Jo.  Thank you. 

Jo: I should have them done by tomorrow afternoon.  How does that sound?

John: That’s great ’cause we’re gonna sit down on Friday to go through ’em and make some decisions.  I’ll shoot one more through to you this arvo once it’s done.  Thanks for getting these done for me so quickly.

Jo: Pleasure as always, John.  I’ll let you know if there are any issues.  I’ll just have them back to you as they’re done.

John: [Inaudible] *00:01:14 look forward to it.

Jo: You’re breaking up a bit, John.

John: Sorry.  Bad area.  I’ll chat later.

Jo: Okay.  Thanks, John.

John: Thanks Jo.  Bye.

Jo: Bye now.

[End of Recording]