It’s a whole ‘nother language

Have you heard that one?  Someone saying "a whole 'nother" in place of "a whole other" or "another"?  I hear it frequently.  The English language really is becoming "a whole…

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Did I Really Hear That?

I have been listening to the dreamiest of voices, almost sexy. She was presenting at a meeting and sounded young and had a beautiful lilt, but spoke with authority and held the attention of others. She knew her stuff and was extremely intelligent, using words that I would probably have to look up to include in my vocab. And then it happened.

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Do We Really Work in Silos?

'Silos' has been a bit of a buzzword for a while now, as we work increasingly isolated from one another. Wouldn't you just love to know who said that first and how on earth it caught on?

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