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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide that personal touch.  Being a boutique business, we answer your questions and work with you so your finished product is just the way you like it.  If you are new to transcription services, we help you to figure out what your needs are.

The English language is complicated.  Proper Australian English spelling and grammar is difficult to transcribe without a comprehensive understanding of it.  If you need an accurate reflection of your audio file, you need to have it transcribed by a person, not by software, and by a person who is very knowledgeable of English spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  Contact us to find out more about our Five for Free offer.

Yep, every single word.  The average typing speed in our office is around 100 words per minute.  Efficiency and quality is improved when we type a file than to use machine transcription and edit it.  To see an example of machine transcription versus hand-typed, read more…

A ‘clean’ transcription does not include ums and ahs, word fillers such as ‘like’ and ‘you know’ and false starts and repeated words.  ‘Verbatim’ includes every word, every stutter and sometimes ums and ahs, depending on the client’s needs.  Strict verbatim includes everything, including every cough, sneeze, pause and thought bubble.  Of course, a combination of these styles can be used, depending on your requirements.  To find out more about transcription styles, read more…

We open our ears and zip our lips.  We hear some very personal, sensitive information.  It does nobody any good for it to be repeated.  We are highly trusted with your information and the information of the speakers on your audio.  Just as we wouldn’t like our personal information repeated to those who don’t need to hear it, we do not repeat it to those who do not need to hear it.

Read our blog for some tips on how to record a great interview or meeting.  Read more…

We follow strict procedures and all files are quality checked by our editor before submission to you.  This ensures a consistent template, consistent grammar and consistent speech mannerisms throughout.

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